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Department of Psychology

Many congratulations to Maisha Hossain (PBS 2018-2021) who has been awarded an Outstanding Student Contribution to Education Award (OSCEA) in the Representative category. 

In her role as the Wellbeing, Education and Diversity Committee student representative, Maisha was instrumental in setting up a variety of online spaces and activities for students to work and socialise together whilst studying remotely. Her efforts greatly helped to transformed our her peers’ ability to offer each other support and welcome the freshers into the department’s community. Maisha also regularly contributed to the Legacy Project - a student-run initiative helping year 12 and 13 students applying to Cambridge. 


Since graduating, Maisha spent a few more months over summer working as a volunteer research assistant for a PhD student at the Brain Mapping Unit in Cambridge, where she segmented tumours to use in data analysis). Since October, she has been working as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant at Coombe Wood School.



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