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Department of Psychology

On this day, one hundred years ago

3 June 2012

The centenary of an historic moment in the establishment of psychology in Cambridge

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Reading between the Lines

29 May 2012

Tuesday 29th May 2012: "Reading between the Lines: Beyond the Reading Wars ". In the second of two programmes looking at how children learn to read, presenter and former Children's Laureate, Michael Morpurgo explores how the contemporary debate has been informed by teaching methods of the recent past. In the programme...

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Qualitative psychology: A new satiric onslaught

10 May 2012

Our Reader in Cognitive Development James Russell has recently published a satirical poem about so-called 'qualitative' psychology entitled 'Properly Nuanced: The Spirit of Raymond Roussel falls upon the New Psychology'. The publisher is the Knives, Forks and Spoons Press. It is purchasable from their website . Copies...

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Early- & Mid-Career Awards news

9 May 2012

The department is delighted to announce that Professor Nicky Clayton has been selected to receive the Mid-Career Award of the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS). This award follows on from Dr Jon Simons being awarded the Early-Career Award. You can watch Dr Simons's award lecture on Memory and the Brain here . Or view...

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Abnormal brain structures - implications for stimulant drug addiction

4 March 2012

New paper on stimulant drug addiction excites media interest.

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Professor Nicky Clayton on 'The Science Show' on Australia's ABC Radio.

22 November 2011

Professor Nicky Clayton appears on 'The Science Show' discussing her role as the scientist in residence at the Rambert Dance Company.

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Professor Simon Baron-Cohen appears on Today.

22 November 2011

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen appeared on Radio 4's Today programme to discuss the diverse nature of Autism.

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