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Department of Psychology

With expertise in psychological and behavioural sciences, Dr Sander van der Linden is focusing on research that will be useful for how policy-makers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The article Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response, published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, draws together key findings from across the social and behavioural sciences on how to deal with the behavioural dimensions of the pandemic, from risk perception and social norms to the psychological impacts of isolation and the spread of misinformation.

" I am honoured to have been part of an effort to synthesize what behavioural science has to contribute to the pandemic, as part of a team of 40 international experts around the world." -  Sander 

Co-authors of the paper included colleague Dr Simone Schnall. In new research, Dr van der Linden's lab and the Winton team have mapped public risk perceptions of COVID-19 around the world and his latest PNAS paper examines how the communication of uncertainty about (contested) facts influences public trust, which was covered in detail recently in the New York Times.

The research press for the University of Cambridge published a new piece about Sander's views, called 'Tackling COVID-19: Dr Sander van der Linden'.



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