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Department of Psychology

Top Psychology Scientists


Congratulations to the Departmental Professors listed in the 'Top Psychology Scientists in the World' list.

Trevor W. Robbins

Simon Baron-Cohen

Michael E. Lamb 

Barry J. Everitt

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Lorraine K. Tyler

Usha Goswami

Anthony Dickinson


Since 2014, the highlights the top scientists in their fields, based on data from scientific contributions considering the h-index.

"Our top scientists ranking is a reliable list of leading scientists from the area of Neuroscience, based on a meticulous examination of 166,880 scientists on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph. For the discipline of Neuroscience, over 9,228 profiles were examined." -

The ranking contains h-index, publications and citations values collected on December 6th, 2021.



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