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Dr Mirjana Bozic

Dr  Mirjana Bozic

University Lecturer

Fellow and Director of Studies in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, King's College, Cambridge

Mirjana Bozic is accepting applications for PhD students.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 (3)33578

Subject groups/Research projects

Cognitive Neuroscience:

Research Interests

I study language as a cognitive and a neural system. My research focuses on the neural mechanisms that support spoken language comprehension. Using behavioural and neuroimaging techniques, I investigate how different properties of the speech input engage the underlying neural architecture to produce successful comprehension.

The second major strand of my research is bilingualism. I am interested in understanding the cognitive and the neural consequences of the ability to speak two (or more) languages.


  • speech comprehension
  • brain imaging
  • bilingualism
  • neurobiology of language

Key Publications

    • Carota F, Bozic M, Marslen-Wilson WD (2016). Decompositional morphological complexity: Multivariate fMRI evidence from Italian. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience doi: 10.1162/jocn_a_01009
    • Leminen A, Lehtonen M, Bozic M, Clahsen H (2016) Editorial: Morphologically Complex Words in the Mind/Brain. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 10:47.
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    • Bozic, M., Szlachta, Z., & Marslen-Wilson, W.D. (2013). Cross-linguistic parallels in processing derivational morphology: Evidence from Polish. Brain & Language, 127, 533-538.
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