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In Mind

A New International Study of Children’s Social and Thinking Skills

‘In Mind’ is a new study led by Professor Claire Hughes and Dr Rory Devine at the University of Cambridge Centre for Family Research.

The aim of our study is to learn about the growth of basic social and thinking skills in preschool children in the UK and Hong Kong.

With the help of researchers at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, we are hoping to find out whether there are cultural differences in the development of children’s basic social and thinking skills.

In the last year we have met with over 120 children aged 3 and 4 and their parents/caregivers.  

Now we would like to meet with children aged 2 ½ years and their parent/caregiver.

For taking part in our study you will receive £10.00 and a DVD of the session. Your child will also receive a small gift.

What does it involve?

We will invite you and your child to visit the Centre for Family Research in Cambridge City Centre. The session will last about 45 minutes.

We will ask your child to complete some fun tasks and games designed to measure your child’s language and problem solving abilities.

To learn about how children and their caregivers interact, we will video you playing with your child for 20 minutes.

We will also ask you to take part in a brief interview about your child.

How do I take part?

Our study will run until May 2014.

If you would like to take part or learn more about our study, please contact us via our webform, or contact Sarah Foley.

Phone: 01223 762841

Our sessions take place at the Centre for Family Research, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RQ.








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