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Prospective MPhil SDP supervisors

Members of staff listed on this page are willing to consider supervising students on the MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology. 

Detailed information about the research interests of academic staff can be found on their profile pages. To visit the profile page of a member of staff, click on their name.

Once you have identified a potential supervisor, you are strongly advised to send them a draft research proposal before making your application.

Dr Juliet Foster

The development and interaction between different forms of knowledge; social psychological perspectives on mental ill health; theory of social representations.

Professor Susan Golombok

Parenting and child development, particularly in relation to non-traditional family forms.

Dr David Good

Dr David Good

Professor Melissa Hines

Human gender development.

Professor Claire Hughes

Child development; pre-school children and the transition to school.

Professor Michael Lamb

Developmental; forensic interviewing; parent-child relationships.

Dr Jochen Menges.png

Dr Jochen Menges

Leadership; affect in organisations; research methods.

Dr Kate Plaisted Grant

Perception; social cognition; attention; learning, memory and attentional processing in autism and normal development; autism; vision.

Dr Jason Rentfrow

Relationship between basic psychological characteristics and common social psychological processes; the expression of personality in different domains.

Andreas Richter official photo.jpg

Dr Andreas Richter

Creativity in teams; effective intergroup relations.

Dr Kai Ruggeri

Dr Kai Ruggeri

Professor John Rust

Pure and applied psychometrics; psychometric analysis of digital footprints in social media; Computer Adaptive Testing.

 Dr Simone Schnall

Relationship between cognitive and affective processes; embodied cognition; morality; social cognition.

Dr Dénes Szücs

Numerical development; working memory development; theories of visual working memory; EEG, ERP.

Dr Sander van der Linden

Dr Sander van der Linden

Social norms; altruism; environmental psychology; social decision-making; motivated cognition.