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Eun Hee Lee


Eun Hee Lee




Queens’ College, University of Cambridge

Research Interests:
Eun Hee Lee specialises in embodiment of social power and is currently a PhD student at the Cambridge Embodied Cognition and Emotion lab under the supervision of Dr. Simone Schnall. Eun Hee’s main research interest is in social power and how it influences a variety of cognitive processes including perception of the physical world. 

2009-2010: University College London
MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences
Supervisor: Professor David Shanks
Title: Reexamination of Automatic Activation of Social Behaviour

2006-2009: University College London
BSc Psychology

2012-2013: Supervisor of undergraduate students in Biological and Cognitive Psychology (Psy 3), and research project supervisor, University of Cambridge.
2010: Research Assistant at Professor Nilli Lavie’s Lab (Feb-March) University College London

Presentations & Posters:
Lee, E.H & Schnall, S. (2012, Sept). The influence of power on weight perception . Presentation at the European Social Cognition Network Meeting, Estoril, Portugal.
Lee, E.H. & Schnall, S. (2011, June). Embodiment of power. Presentation at the Social Cognition Network and Training Scheme, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Shanks, D. R., Newell, B. R., Lee, E., Balakrishnan, D., Ekelund, L., Cenac, Z., Kavvadia, F., & Moore, C. (2013). Priming intelligent behavior: An elusive phenomenon. PLoS One.
Lee, E. H & Schnall, S. (in preparation). The influence of social power on weight perception.